I can’t trust myself
Time after time I break my own heart.
Shattered edges crumbling apart
to reveal a small child crying in the dark
I can’t trust myself

I can’t trust myself
I inject my veins with joy
but this happiness is all a ploy
to tear apart my skin and creep within
my hollow dark skull
I can’t trust myself

I can’t trust myself
to sleep at night
Where the pain is light
but I only seem to fight
with my mind about what is right
I can’t trust myself

I can’t trust myself
to decide if this is all truth or a lie
as I lie awake in this blood stained reality called life
I fade in and out of consciousness and the pain creeps at my eyes
with blurring lines and I can’t decide why
I can’t trust myself

C.P.D. (via clebdemps)


Looking through #viewfindersofthepast with @littlecoal

For more perspective-bending photos from vintage camera owners around the world, browse the #viewfindersofthepast hashtag. To see more of Eric’s life in Ohio through the lens of his Bosley, follow @littlecoal on Instagram.

When Ohio schoolteacher and Instagrammer Eric Ward (@littlecoal) received an old film camera that had belonged to his wife’s grandfather, the connection was instantaneous. “I immediately fell in love with the glass and the unique feel you get looking down through a viewfinder of that age,” he says. “I imagined all that he had seen through the same viewfinder and wanted to find a way to continue what he had started.”

Eric continues that story on Instagram with his camera, a Bolsey Model C Twin Lens Reflex from the 1950s with a top-down viewfinder. By taking a photo from above with his phone, Eric discovered he could capture two subjects at once: the camera itself and what the camera “sees” through its lens. “For me, it connected the camera’s past with today’s reality,” he says.

He started the #viewfindersofthepast hashtag to keep track of the photos he was taking, and over time it took off in the community. “Others have started to add photos from a variety of other film cameras,” he says, “which I think is perfect!”



Summer sunset turning dark
Looking for a distant spark
Wishing this won’t have to end
I’m hoping you’ll still be my friend
I brought you here to reminisce
And maybe try to steal a kiss
I was hoping to reignite
The spark we felt on our first night
I just want to feel again
What I’ve never…